CARMEL, Ind. — A Carmel man who told police he was Donald Trump and that his parents were the Clintons has been sentenced to over 80 years in prison for the murder of his father along with the confinement of his mother in February of 2022.

Christopher Claerbout was found guilty of eight criminal counts in April after the court determined he was fit to stand trial. His guilty counts included murder, criminal confinement, domestic battery, auto theft and intimidation.

On Thursday, he was sentenced to serve 82 years in prison.

Christopher Claerbout

Previous reports detail the gruesome February evening when Carmel police arrived on Rolling Springs Drive to find David Claerbout viciously stabbed to death in the driveway. David’s wife, Marcia, was also found to have been bound with an extension cord, handcuffed and beaten by her son, Christopher Claerbout.

According to court documents, Christopher shoved his mother down a flight of stairs before tying her up with the cord. She was held prisoner by her son for nine hours until David came home around 6 p.m.

Marcia told police Christopher had ranted and raved throughout the day about conspiracy theories and even pulled a knife on her several times, pressing it to her neck and demanding answers.

After David asked what was going on, Marica told police he and her son went outside where Christopher ultimately stabbed his father multiple times in the chest and gut.

Police tracked down Christopher, who left the murder scene in his father’s white Chevrolet Traverse, by using OnStar. OnStar ended up shutting off the vehicle which led Christopher to try to escape on foot. He was tracked down in a wooded area near I-65 in the Seymour area by a police K-9.

Christopher ended up telling police about how he had “arrested” his mother with the intention to take her to Guantanamo Bay. He accused her of committing war crimes against the country and said she “passed him around for sex as a child to a lot of politicians.”

Also during his interview with police, Christopher claimed to be Donald Trump and said his mother was Hillary Clinton and his father was Bill Clinton.

When asked about his father and the encounter in the driveway, Christopher reportedly went quiet.

A competency hearing was ordered during court proceedings to determine if Christopher was fit to stand trial. The court ultimately decided he was and concluded, “the defendant presently is mentally competent and does have comprehension sufficient to understand the proceedings and to assist counsel in the preparation of a defense.”