CARMEL, Ind. — Police in Carmel have confirmed that a deadly shooting incident over the weekend was a murder and attempted suicide.

CPD was called around 8:25 a.m. Saturday to the 700 block of Johnson Drive for a welfare check. Upon arrival, officers found a woman, identified as 63-year-old Susan Shaw, dead.

Also inside the house, officers found 79-year-old John Shaw suffering from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Shaw was taken to a nearby hospital for his injuries, CPD said. As of Tuesday, he is still in the hospital.

Initially, Carmel police refrained from labeling the shooting as anything more than a shooting death investigation. On Tuesday, CPD confirmed Susan Shaw’s death is being investigated as a murder and that her husband John was likely the one who shot her.

“Mr. John Shaw is believed to have shot his wife, Mrs. Susan Shaw, before turning the gun on himself. Mr. John Shaw remains in the hospital and continues to receive treatment for his injuries.”

Carmel Police Department

CPD said the investigation is still active. No charges have been filed at this time.