Catalytic converter thief hits Irvington church bus used to shuttle seniors to worship

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INDIANAPOLIS — For a second time, a thief ripped parts off an Irvington church bus used to shuttle senior members to worship.

“You don’t think of what a small impact it can make, or what a large impact it can make on a large, vulnerable group of people,” said Maureen Wilson, designated associate pastor at Irvington Presbyterian Church.

The church had been performing services virtually until five weeks ago, and staff members used the bus to pick up people at area nursing homes to get them to Sunday services.

Surveillance cameras caught a man in a white pickup truck sliding under the bus to nab the catalytic converter. Wilson says this is the second time it has happened in four weeks. The latest theft took place shortly before Easter Sunday.

“The realization that maybe these people were going to miss Easter, after having been to church for over a year, it hit pretty hard,” added Wilson. “They are fully vaccinated, so they are able to be active again.

“A lot of them they weren’t allowed to leave their rooms. They were taking every meal in their room. Some of them don’t have technology capabilities or weren’t comfortable with online worship. I heard tell of members meeting in secret in the basement to watch the online service together.”

The church has yet to fix the bus this time around. They are waiting until they are able to build a garage or structure to stop it from happening again.

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