FOUNTAIN SQUARE, Ind. – Burglars are caught on camera Friday night breaking into a garage and stealing valuables worth thousands of dollars. Surveillance video showed two people spending nearly 10 minutes inside Michael Heims’s garage in Fountain Square. 

He was on vacation and got the notification on his phone the next morning.

“Actually, seeing physical video of two people you don’t know rummaging through your stuff, it’s just super, super unsettling. Just knowing they were on a free shopping spree and they didn’t really care the impact of what they were doing or who they are doing it to,” said Michael Heims, a burglary victim.

Heims says the two burglars pried open his garage door and then footage shows them looking around, pointing to items, and then wheeling out bikes.  They stole four bikes, including an electric bike, along with tools and a paintball gun. The stolen items were worth around $7,000.

“(It’s) stuff that they can sell easily. They left golf clubs, a lawn mower, stuff like that, so there’s valuable stuff in here they didn’t take,” said Heims.

Apparently one break-in isn’t enough.  A couple hours later, one of the thieves returned.

“I think he forgot the charger to the electric bike. He figured out it was an electric bike. He came back, took the charger and poked around my garage a little more,” said Heims.

Heims filed a police report and handed over all the surveillance video.  There are clear shots of each of the suspects’ faces.

“When the cops were over here a couple days ago, my neighbor across the alley came over and told us the same thing happened to him on Tuesday, so could be the same guys. They didn’t have surveillance video so we don’t know,” said Heims.

If it’s between getting his things back or these two getting caught, this homeowner is willing to make the sacrifice.

“I would rather them be caught 100 times over getting my stuff back. I can buy new stuff. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it sucks it’s gone but at the end of the day rather get them off the street,” said Heims.

If you recognize either of the suspects, call IMPD.