Ceasefire Indy team organizes Friendsgiving event in hopes of unifying community

Indianapolis Area Crime

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indy’s suffered 243 homicides this year as the city struggles to turn the tide of this record-breaking violence we’re experiencing. Fortunately, community members are mobilizing to help bring peace among our neighbors.

Over Halloween weekend, Ron Gee and Della Brown organized numerous events as part of 72-hour Ceasefire Weekend. Thanks in part to their efforts, we experienced 49 hours without someone being killed.

“The impact that we made was great, right? It was,” Brown said. “I’m really, really thankful for it. But we need help from people from our communities.”

Gee and Brown are organizing a Friendsgiving gathering this upcoming Sunday, November 21 from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the House of Soul Cafe located at 8083 E. 38th Street. It’s a free event and people can register online at www.eventbrite.com. Or, by contacting Ron Gee at 317-778-1694 or Della Brown at 317-350-3006.

“There’s no strangers,” Gee said. “We want to bring that family atmosphere to this place. The same thing that we’re going to do on Thursday with our family, we’re going to do it here.”

The Ceasefire Squad isn’t stopping on Thanksgiving, they are also helping to organize safe skate nights at the Skateland near 38th and High School Road and plan to lead another Ceasefire Weekend over New Year’s.

“We need bodies, we need volunteers, we need ideas,” Gee said. “So if two people can do it, just imagine if 100, a thousand people.”

Gee and Brown are encouraging local businesses and restaurants to donate food for Friendsgiving. Contact Ron Gee at 317-778-1694 or Della Brown at 317-350-3006 for more information.

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