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ANDERSON, Ind. — The Madison County Prosecutor’s Office said felony charges against two members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club have been thrown out after a “crucial witness” has gone missing.

The two members of the motorcycle club were originally accused of taking part in a near-fatal stabbing that occurred in a men’s restroom at Woody’s Tavern in Lapel in April 2021.

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings previously said that victim of the attempted murder was a Chicago man who stopped at Woody’s Tavern. He had been wearing Outlaws patches but hadn’t been aware that two real Outlaws were in the same tavern.

“They weren’t too happy to find he was a guy wearing the stuff but really wasn’t part of their gang, got into a conflict, he got stabbed several times,” Cummings previously said.

After repeatedly stabbing the man, the Outlaws were accused of taking his colors and his jacket before leaving the bar.

In May 2021, police raided a Outlaws Motorcycle Club headquarters on Anderson’s south side in search of evidence related to the stabbing along with one of the suspects whom police had still been searching for.

Despite the raid and arrests in the case, the prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday that the charges against the two club members were dismissed without prejudice due to the prosecution being unable to locate the crucial witness.

But though the charges are dismissed, the case can still be re-filed if the witness is ever located and decides to cooperate with the prosecution.

Cummings said that the Outlaws presence in Madison County wasn’t anything new, but traditionally the club has kept a low profile.

“There’s been Outlaws here for decades,” he said, “but off-and-on, sometimes they come, sometimes they go, it appears they’re coming back, making an appearance here.”

Indianapolis police sources previously said that the attack on the Chicago man in the small bar just miles from Anderson occurred at the same time as several other Outlaws members were traveling to Indianapolis for a gathering where a ride was planned to New Palestine where some club members are buried.