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UPDATE: the Greenwood Police Department provided the names of the officers involved in the deadly shooting along with their years of service.

  • Sgt. Brandon Cox (6.5 years)
  • Officer Elijah Allen (3 years)
  • Officer Ben Louzon (1.5 years)
  • Officer Zane Hennig (8 months)

GREENWOOD, Ind. — Four Greenwood police officers fired shots at a possibly intoxicated driver who revved her engine and crashed into squad cars in the parking lot of their own police station.

Chief James Ison said the officers are on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure for police shootings.

According to Ison, the incident started at 11:16 p.m. Tuesday, when dispatchers received a 911 call about a possible drunk driver at Madison Avenue and County Line Road. The car was going southbound in the northbound lanes at one point, Ison said.

Officers located the vehicle and tried to initiate a traffic stop. However, the driver, identified as 49-year-old Monica Vaught, took off. Vaught led police on a pursuit that went into downtown Greenwood and stopped at the Greenwood Police Department on Surina Way.

Vaught sped around the back parking lot, Ison said, and struck several parked squad cars. Police attempted to box her in by positioning cars behind and in front of her vehicle.

However, according to Ison, Vaught crashed into the cars boxing her in, managed to get her car free and then sped toward officers.

Officers fired, although it wasn’t certain at that point if any of the shots hit Vaught. Ison said she drove around for a few more minutes, stopped in the north end of the parking lot, revved her engine and then drove toward officers again.

That resulted in additional gunfire and brought an end to the incident, Ison said. Four police vehicles were damaged.

Four different officers opened fire. Ison wasn’t sure how many times Vaught was shot. He told reporters he believed officers tried to bring a peaceful end to the situation before it escalated.

“The officers went through a progression with means to deescalate the situation and try to end it peacefully, but ultimately, their lives were put into danger and they had to react.” Ison said during a Wednesday afternoon news conference.

Body camera and parking lot surveillance footage exists of the incident. Ison said the video would be released once parallel internal and criminal investigations were complete. He was unable to provide a timetable.

The chief said he had no reason to believe officers violated department policy.

“It’s just a tragedy all around, and the sad part is, we may never know why [it happened],” Ison said.

Vaught was a Greenwood resident. Ison said she was known to his department.

He’s hoping the investigation will provide some insight into Vaught’s state of mind and what substances may have been in her system. Those answers, though, will have to wait several weeks as toxicology reports are processed.

“A woman lost her life,” Ison said. “A mother, a daughter that the family no longer has. The four officers involved have to live with that for the rest of their lives.”