MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. — Police have confirmed that the remains of a child were found in Morgan County.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell FOX59/CBS4 the child’s body was found in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest. One neighbor, who lives just down the road from where our sources say the child’s body was found, says the area is usually very quiet and relatively remote.

“Well, it’s horrific to be honest with you,” Stan Stephens said. “It sort of surprised me since I just moved on out here, but yeah realistically, it could happen.”

Stephens said he unfortunately understands how a body could be found so close to his home, though.

“Well, you got a rural setting,” Stephens began describing. “I mean if you have criminal intent and are gonna hide something, the best place to take it would be out in the field, woods or a lake and this is out in the middle of nowhere.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said they are the lead investigating agency in regards to the deceased child with Indiana State Police and the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department assisting in the investigation.

At this time, police are not releasing any information about what led detectives to the remains and if the remains are connected to any other case.

Stephens said the area does not usually get much foot traffic, but it may start to pick up this time of year.

“The location that I referred to is not normally traveled by an everyday person on a walk,” he said. “So chances are if someone’s remains were found in this area, it would be by someone looking for mushrooms, which we’re beginning to get into mushroom season here in the next two or three weeks.”

Recent court documents confirmed that IMPD investigators believe that missing 2-year-old Oaklee Snow is dead and that her body was disposed of somewhere in Indiana. IMPD would not speak on if those latest developments are related to the child’s remains found in Morgan County.

“I just hope they can complete the case,” Stephens said.

Police said the Morgan County Coroner’s Office will be responsible for identifying the remains who will then notify IMPD.