Chris Beaty’s mother looks forward to justice, memorializes her son’s impactful life

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INDIANAPOLIS — The mother of former IU football player and beloved Indy businessman Christopher Beaty is looking forward to justice for her son. The Marion County Prosecutors Office announced two more indictments in the murder of Beaty.

Alijah Jones and Nakeyah Shields were indicted on charges of felony murder, five counts of armed robbery and one count of attempted armed robbery. Both were arrested Thursday.

Along with Shields and Jones, Marcus Anderson was arrested earlier in Beaty’s murder. Beaty was killed on May 30, 2020 during a second night of rioting that began with protests over social justice in downtown Indianapolis.

“It is alleged people were out trying to victimize individuals who were just trying to do the right thing,” Mears said.

Mears said he will move to join these three cases and hold one trial.

“How many times do we want Mr. Beaty’s family to have to hear this evidence and go through the challenges of what they’ve faced,” Mears said.

Beaty had just sent a text to a friend that he was checking the perimeter of his apartment building to make sure his neighbors were safe the night he was killed.

“He was first a Christian and not just going to church,” Debra Cooper, Beaty’s mom, said of her son. “He was a Christian at heart. He’d give his last pair of shoes or the shirt off his back for someone he felt like needed it more than him.”

Cooper said she is dreading aspects of trial preparation.

“I know I’ve got to go down and look at the evidence they have, which I really dread mostly, more than anything, because I can visualize in my mind my son helping somebody, but I cannot visualize in my mind them shooting him down like they did,” Cooper said.

For now, Debra holds the Mother’s Day card Chris gave her last year close to her heart. She was thrilled he came to spend the day with her last year, two weeks before his death.

“I just hold this little card to my heart and just feel his presence and then after a while, I’m okay,” Cooper said.

She knows many people cared about her son, but she loved him most and that feeling was mutual. He spelled that out in the card he gave her.

“So proud to be your son, and I am blessed to have your love,” Debra read. “Love you to the moon and back. Love, Chris.”

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