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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A Clark County judge pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge Monday in connection with a shooting outside a downtown White Castle in May.

Judge Andrew Adams, 47, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury and all other initial charges were dropped. He received a sentence of 365 days with two days of jail credit. The entire remaining portion of the sentence, 363 days, was suspended and he will not have to serve any more jail time.

Back on May 1, Adams along with another judge visited a downtown White Castle late at night.

During that visit, police say Adams and two other men got into a fight. Adams admitted to kicking Brandon Kaiser during the altercation, which ended with Adams and the other judge getting shot.

Kaiser and Christopher Vazquez are also facing charges in the case. Vazquez has been offered the same plea agreement as Adams, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Adams was suspended from the bench with pay in June, and that suspension remains in effect. His case is under an ongoing investigation by the Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications.