NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — A Western Kentucky University student has been arrested and charged with rape after reportedly sexually assaulting a person at a Central Indiana party.

A probable cause affidavit filed on Sept. 6 indicates that 18-year-old Cooper William King of Bowling Green, Kentucky, is being accused of committing unwanted sexual acts against a victim at a house party that was held in Noblesville.

The victim, court documents show, told police King touched them inappropriately, performed unwanted oral sex and committed sexual acts without a condom that were not consensual.

In interviews with police, both King and the alleged victim confirmed the party involved underage drinking. King and the victim both claimed to have gotten intoxicated at the party.

Police said King even admitted to drinking an entire bottle of Jack Daniels and smoking marijuana during the party, per the probable cause affidavit.

Police documents report the victim explicitly told King they did not consent to any sexual contact or actions. The victim also told investigators that they were too intoxicated to move at times.

Witnesses interviewed by police said the victim laid down in a bed sometime after midnight on the date of the incident because they were tired. The victim told police King joined them in bed sometime later.

Witnesses corroborated the victim’s story and confirmed they later saw King and the victim in bed with each other, according to court documents.

Video captured by the home’s security camera confirmed King and the victim were both at the party, per the probable cause affidavit. Witnesses told police King went to a CVS before the party to purchase snacks and condoms.

Police asked the victim to help them identify the perpetrator. The victim then showed them a photo of King, court docs show.

Police said investigators worked with the victim to administer a sexual assault kit. They also used the victim’s clothes to collect DNA samples.

Police reported that they later traveled to Bowling Green, where the local sheriff’s office helped them apply for a search warrant through the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office. After the warrant was granted, police searched King’s home for DNA without incident.

The probable cause affidavit indicates police contacted King while he was in line for food at a Western Kentucky University dining hall. Police later spoke to King, and he denied the victim’s allegations.

The sexual assault kit and the DNA swabs police obtained at King’s residence were sent to a crime lab for comparison and analysis.

King faces three separate rape charges — all of which are Level 3 Felonies. If convicted, King could face 16 years in prison and a fine of $10,000. An initial hearing date has not been published in online court records as of this article’s publication.