INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Police in Beech Grove are continuing to investigate what led up to a gun going off inside the Walmart store on Emerson Avenue.

Around 9 p.m. Wednesday, police were called to the Walmart on reports of shots fired. Police said two women were fighting inside the store. When a third woman got involved, someone took out a gun and pulled the trigger.

“It is our understanding that these people know each other before the incident occurred, and this very well could be a spillover of an ongoing dispute,” Beech Grove Deputy Police Chief Robert Mercuri said.

Mercuri acknowledged this is the latest in a series of incidents at the Beech Grove Walmart. In 2021, three shots were fired inside the store. It happened when a shoplifter who was being arrested pulled out a gun. A nearby shopper saw what was happening and fired their gun.

The most infamous incident happened back in 2015 when two women were caught in a viral video beating each other in the shampoo aisle of the Walmart.

“The onus of this, the responsibility of this, are the two actors involved there, the individuals that are bringing their dispute here,” Mercuri said.

The Beech Grove Walmart has been infamous ever since the shampoo aisle fight and has even become a common spot for people watching.

“I’m in Franklin Township. I’m closer to the Walmart on County Line,” shopper Jeremy Pelton said. “But I come here to see the crazy stuff that happens at this Walmart.”

Pelton said he agrees with police that it’s the people who need to clean up their behavior.

“It’s stupid, but people are going to keep doing it,” Pelton said. “It starts at home. These people have no discipline in their house, and stupid stuff like this, it’s always going to happen.”

Despite the store’s troubled past, Beech Grove police said the store is cooperating and doing what it can to keep shoppers safe.

“They do have uniform officers working there. Not very many Walmart’s have that,” Mercuri said. “They have lost prevention, but they have uniform officers.”

However, some shoppers remain unconvinced.

“It’s sad because Beech Grove used to be decent, but it’s turned into a big zoo,” Pelton said.

The police department said it’ll be reviewing video of the incident, which remains under investigation. So far, no arrests have been made. Anyone with information is urged to call the Beech Grove Police Department.