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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind.– An Army sergeant and jail corrections officer is facing charges after allegedly having sex with an inmate and becoming pregnant.

“She and the inmate engaged in some type of sexual interaction that resulted in her becoming pregnant,” said Johnson County Deputy Prosecutor Alex Hamner.

Sgt. Heather Sinnett is facing a felony charge sexual misconduct with an inmate. Officials say Sinnett met inmate Brad Gullege at the Edinburgh Correctional Facility last year.

The facility is a minimum security work release program in the middle of Camp Atterbury. Officials say Sinnett was assigned to escort inmates around the facility and supervise them.

Gullege told police that’s what she was doing when she escorted him to get ice last October. He said he and Sinnett ended up having a sexual encounter in the mop closet which resulted in Sinnett becoming pregnant.

“People place great trust in people who oversee and supervise IDOC inmates and anytime somebody betrays that trust or takes advantage of it for their own personal satisfaction…it is very serious,” said Deputy Prosecutor Hamner.

Court documents show Sinnett has stated in several emails to Gullege that she was waiting on him to get out so they can be together and take care of “their” baby.

“It is entirely possible that she would not be facing any jail time until long after she has had her child,” said Deputy Prosecutor Alex Hamner.