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CARMEL, Ind. — Newly-released court documents are providing a deeper look into what happened when a Carmel man killed his father and injured his mother Monday.

Christopher Claerbout is charged with murder, criminal confinement, intimidation, theft of a motor vehicle, theft, and battery after an incident Monday that resulted in the death of David Claerbout.

Carmel police were called to the scene in the 3500 block of Rolling Springs Drive after a neighbor called 911, believing there was a domestic dispute happening across the street.

The 911 operator asked ███ █████████ if the male needed an ambulance and ███ █████████ responded by stating “I’m not sure that he is alive”. ███ █████████ advised the 911 dispatcher that there was a female with the male that looked injured and that she had been beaten. ███ █████████ further stated that she looked like she had been tied up with a cord and that her face was black and blue. The male that was down in the driveway was later identified as David Claerbout. The female that had been beaten was identified as Marcia Claerbout.

When police arrived, they found David with multiple stab wounds, and Marcia was restrained with handcuffs in front of her. Marcia was able to tell police that her son Christopher was the one that did this and that he took off with David’s white Chevrolet Traverse.

Marcia then went on to tell the police what happened to her and her husband.

The Attack

Around 9 that morning, Marcia said she was getting ready to go to a class when Christopher came in via the garage. She was getting ready to go down the stairs when she said Christopher shoved her, causing her to fall around 10 stairs onto the landing of the staircase.

On her way down, Marcia says she hit a wooden tree on the stairs and wall. She said Christopher went on to handcuff her and tie her up with an orange extension cord that is usually used outside.

Throughout the day, Marcia said Christopher was ranting and raving.

She stated that Christopher thinks that she is not his mother and that he has other conspiracy theories, to include thinking that he is black. She stated that Christopher believes that he is Donald Trump and that she and her husband are Bill and Hillary Clinton.

During a follow-up interview, Marcia told police Christopher pulled a knife on her several times, holding it to her neck and demanding answers.

This lasted around nine hours until David came home around 6 p.m. When David asked Christopher what was going on, Marcia said they went outside and started having a heated conversation.

Marcia was able to get outside, screaming for her neighbors to call 911. By the time she did, she said David was unconscious. She told police that she knew he was stabbed with the knife Christopher pulled on her during the nearly nine-hour ordeal.

While investigating the scene, police found a pendant near David’s head that appeared to be a cross made out of two rounds of ammunition. He also had what appeared to be a silver necklace under his right hand. There were also several cigarettes, which Marcia told police Christopher was smoking while she was confined.

In Custody

Police were able to contact OnStar and track down David’s vehicle, which Christopher was now driving southbound on I-65 near Seymour. They were able to use OnStar to turn off the vehicle.

When they did, officers on the scene said Christopher ran out of the vehicle into a wooded area. Officers with the Indiana State Police and Clark County Sheriff’s Office were able to track him down with a police K-9.

Booking photo of Christopher Claerbout (Hamilton County Jail)

The next day, police interviewed Christopher to hear his story.

On 02/22/2022 at approximately 2:50 AM, myself and Det. Locke interviewed Christopher Claerbout at the Carmel Police Department. read Mr. Claerbout his Miranda warning and he advised that he understood his rights. During the interview Mr. Claerbout would advise that his mother admitted to him today at the residence in the 3500 block of Rollings Springs that he was molested as child. He stated that his parents passed him around for sex as child to lot of politicians. Mr. Claerbout advised that his mother admitted to knowing about him being molested as child and that she covered it up.

Christopher’s Story

During the interview, police said Christopher told them he drove to his mother’s house Monday morning and parked in the garage. Police said Chris told them he was going to arrest his mother and take her down to Florida.

During the interview, police said Christopher told them that he was Donald Trump, and his mother was Hillary Clinton, and his father is Bill Clinton.

The document states Christopher told police he knew it would be difficult to make it to Florida because his mother has a lot of connections, but he was going to hold her under the War Crimes Act for crimes committed against him and the country.

I asked Mr. Claerbout at what point did he place his mother under arrest. He stated that it was before she was getting ready to leave and that he felt that today was the day that he needed to get this done. He stated that the handcuffs were in front of her and that he used cord to try and make sure that she was not going to squirm around. He stated that she was prisoner of war and that she was going to go to Guantanamo Bay.

When police asked Christopher about police locating him, the document states Christopher told them he was driving to Florida in his father’s vehicle before getting stopped. The document also says Christopher told police he ran through the woods before he got arrested.

Police tried to get Christopher to talk about seeing his father earlier, but the document states Christopher did not answer, and the interview was concluded.

“Until we have all the facts, we shouldn’t make any rush to judgment.  This could be a situation where somebody is mentally ill,” said attorney Mario Massillamany.

Massillamany was appointed to represent Claerbout.

He says once he has time to talk to his client, he’ll decide whether to request a mental evaluation.

“When a person is charged with a crime, there must be a showing of his mental state,” said attorney Ralph Staples.

Attorney Staples isn’t connected to the case, but says the insanity defense would only come into play if the suspect is first found competent to stand trial.

“Competency and insanity get used interchangeably and they’re really two different things,” said Staples.

Gathering Evidence

On Tuesday, police attended David’s autopsy, which found multiple sharp force injuries to Christopher. The cause of death was ruled a homicide, and family members were able to make a positive identification.

Police went on to process the Chevrolet Traverse that was towed in after Christopher was arrested. While searching, police said they found a black knife in the center console cup. There was also a wallet on the front passenger side floorboard.

The court document states among the evidence collected from Christopher’s arrest included three necklaces and pendants. The pendants appeared to be rounds of ammunition fashioned in the shape of a cross, and the necklaces were silver. There was also Marcia’s identification recovered in the personal property after his arrest.

The Carmel Police Department asks anyone with additional information on the case to call the department at (317) 571-2500.