INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man faces a murder charge after court documents indicate he failed to report for GPS monitoring and killed his roommate’s girlfriend.

“My son came and told me he killed somebody.”

That is a line from a probable cause affidavit filed in a case against Erik Hale. This was not in a court document alleging murder. Instead, it was a robbery Hale allegedly committed to prevent his father from turning him in to the police.

The man told police that on late September 11 or early September 12, Hale called him to ask him to pray with Hale. He started praying, not knowing why. The next day, he woke up and turned on the local news, seeing a report of a homicide on Brouse Avenue.

The document states the man told police that something hit him in his spirits, because he knew that is the area of town where Hale hangs out.

The man spoke with his son, telling him that he knew a tragic event happened on Brouse. That Monday, the document says Hale came over to his father’s house and confessed to the shooting. The man told police that he just sat in silence for around 45 minutes, trying to mentally process what he just heard his son say.

This shooting happened while Hale was supposed to be on GPS monitoring. In a notice of community corrections violation, the court alleges that Hale failed to report to Marion County Community Corrections.

He was convicted of being a felon carrying a handgun and was ordered to home detention on June 22. He was supposed to report for processing, but the document alleges he never went. As of October 4, he was not being monitored.

In the probable cause affidavit filed in the murder case against Hale, a detective with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says they learned that Hale was staying with Pamela Garruto’s boyfriend. Hale was even interviewed during a recent domestic disturbance report against Garruto’s boyfriend.

The night of the shooting, the document says Garruto met up with the surviving victim. After hearing from people in the neighborhood about Garruto’s safety, he told her that they should sit inside his truck.

However, the document says a man approached his truck and shot them. Gerruto was shot in the head and died. The surviving victim was shot in the arm, with the bullet traveling into his chest and hitting his lung.

The surviving victim was able to make it out of the vehicle and walked to a nearby church to flag officers down for help.

This is where the two court documents converge. After the robbery probable cause affidavit states Hale admitted to the shooting to his father, he left until coming back that Wednesday.

The documents say Hale’s father told him that if he was responsible for the shooting, he needed to turn himself in to the police.

Hale started to get upset and the document says his father told him to have a seat. He told Hale that he didn’t want him to come around him or his family members anymore.

The document says Hale got aggressive, starting to reach around his waist and saying that he was going to kill his father as well. Hale’s father retreated into the home and Hale left with his phone.

Eventually, police were able to track Hale’s phone to Switz City, where they talked to a woman who told them that he went to her home on the 16th. She was out of town at the time, but came back to find him sleeping in an outbuilding in her front yard.

She confronted Hale, who told her that he would be staying for an extended period of time. While this made her uncomfortable, the document says she did not feel like she had a choice because Hale is a violent person.

On the 23rd, the document says she was heading to Indianapolis with her daughter to complete paperwork. She asked Hale to ride with her, not wanting him on her property.

When they got to a gas station in Speedway, the document says she told him to get out, as she had brought him as far as she was willing to bring him. After she went inside the business, she heard screaming and saw a man she believed to be Hale stealing her truck.

Detectives were able to locate the truck on October 1 and the document says they placed a GPS tracker under the vehicle. The truck made its way to a salvage yard the next day, and the person who bought it identified Hale as the person who sold it.

Inside the truck, the document says detectives found a black journal with multiple entries. Several of them had the name “Erik Hale” written on them. One entry included:

Went for my 1st Murder & Ended up Catching 2 bodies

Before I go to Prison, A cop will be A new body

My Daddy tried to turn me in to face a death sentence

Now he’s the next that’s going to die, I put that on his children (and me)…

This entry prompted IMPD to issue an officer safety bulletin, warning officers about his threats to law enforcement.

On October 4, police were able to track Hale to a gas station in the 5100 block of East 38th Street, finding him outside. They arrested him without incident.

While the document says Hale admitted to stealing the truck and his father’s phone, which he still had, he denied committing the shooting. He told police that he was on the city’s west side when it happened.

The document says Hale refused to say where he went, becoming aggressive when the detective asked if he would like to talk to anyone about an alibi. He later claimed to be watching his godchildren that night but refused to give a location because he didn’t want them involved.

The document says that Hale finally said he did not know where he was, that he is homeless and traveled around a lot.

Hale faces charges of murder, aggravated battery, criminal recklessness, unlawful carrying of a handgun, and robbery.