Court docs: Elwood parents charged after father admits to breaking baby’s leg while changing diaper

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Cedric Eugene Dunbar (left) and Mikayla Nicole Oxley (right)

ELWOOD, Ind. — An Elwood couple is facing charges after their 3-month-old suffered a broken femur while the father was changing his diaper.

Court documents show that on Monday, police were called to St. Vincent Mercy Hospital. An officer arrived and spoke with the mother, Mikayla Oxley. She told him she was out of the house when she received a call from her boyfriend, Cedric Dunbar, telling her the baby’s leg popped. Oxley said she then rushed home and took the baby to the hospital. Dunbar stayed at the house.

Oxley told the officer that she doesn’t think Dunbar would intentionally hurt the child.

The officer left the hospital and visited the home in the 600 block of North 11th Street to speak to Dunbar. He told the officer that he was changing the baby’s diaper and “trying to get his arms through when his baby made his leg straight, which he stated he then pushed his leg to get him to bend it and heard a pop,” court documents state.

When asked how hard he pushed it, Dunbar showed the officer using a television remote as an example, which the officer described in documents as “a quick hard push.” Dunbar also admitted to the officer that he was frustrated while changing the diaper.

Documents go on to state that Dunbar told the officer he often gets frustrated with the baby when he cries and has squeezed and shaken the baby. He also told the officer that it was an accident, but he doesn’t think he should be around the baby because he could hurt him again.

The officer asked if Oxley has seen him squeeze or shake the baby. Dunbar said that she has, and during these instances she took the baby from him. He told the officer that Oxley has not gotten physical with the baby, just frustrated. Dunbar also told the officer that he has told Oxley he is a danger to the baby and shouldn’t be there.

Dunbar was then arrested and taken to jail.

After speaking with the father, the officer went back to the hospital to talk with Oxley. Court documents show that she admitted she had seen Dunbar squeeze the child and shake him once. Oxley stated that they were new parents and didn’t take classes.

Oxley was charged with neglect of a dependent.

Dunbar was charged with domestic battery on a child less than 14, aggravated battery and neglect of a dependent.

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