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MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. — Indiana State Police said that Anthony Leadford’s girlfriend and her two small children were in the apartment when four teens kicked in the door and shot Leadford to death over a drug debt.

According to police, the deadly shooting occurred Sunday at around 10:15 p.m. inside an apartment located at 110 W. Wabash Street in Converse.

Four teens have been arrested and face a preliminary charge of murder for the shooting of 23-year-old Anthony Leadford.

The identities of two of the suspects have been released: Aryan Vandiver-Stone, 19, Marion and Benjamin Jones 18, of rural Converse. The two other teens’ identities were withheld due to being minors, aged 15 and 16.

According to court documents, Leadford’s girlfriend told police that her boyfriend had been receiving threats from Jones concerning a drug debt. Jones reportedly came to Leadford’s apartment two hours before the fatal shooting on Nov. 28 demanding Leadford pay him the money he owed. Leadford spoke to Jones through the locked door, telling Jones he didn’t have the money and that he needed to leave.

Jones reportedly left, but not before telling Leadford that he would be back.

At 10 p.m., Jones returned with the three other teens including Vandiver-Stone. The teens kicked in the apartment door and were said to be wearing various masks.

Leadford reportedly told Jones and the other teens that there was no reason for them to do this as he didn’t have any money. The teens allegedly looted the apartment for anything of value before shooting Leadford in the bedroom and fleeing.

According to Leadford’s girlfriend, the debt Leadford owed Jones was $200. She told police Jones had harassed her as well with messages concerning the debt.

In an interview with Vandiver-Stone, detectives reportedly asked why the teens didn’t shoot Leadford’s girlfriend during the holdup. Vandiver-Stone reportedly told detectives that they didn’t shoot “mommies with babies.”

Suspect interviews with police were conflicting about who was in the bedroom with Leadford and his girlfriend at the time of the deadly shooting.

Anyone with information about this case is encouraged to contact Indiana State Police detectives by calling the Indiana State Police Peru Post at (800) 382-0689 or (765) 473-6666.