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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A Greenfield man is facing charges for attempting to blow up a strip club on the west side of Indianapolis after he was kicked out, according to court documents.

Nicholas David Miller, 33, has been charged with attempted arson and criminal recklessness.

Shortly after midnight on November 7, police were called to a strip club in the 8000 block of West Washington Street.

Miller was in sitting in his silver Monte Carlo when officers arrived.

The club’s manager told police he and his staff had asked Miller to leave because employees had told him that Miller was acting strange by standing over other patrons and staring at them. Miller left the building without incident, according to court documents.

The manager told authorities that he watched Miller leave on camera and saw him go to his vehicle in the front parking lot and retrieve something from the trunk. Video shows Miller walk to the east side of the building, close the door leading to the kitchen and place a gas container next to the building, underneath the gas meter. A shirt was wrapped around the spigot of the gas can. Miller was then seen on video lighting a cigarette and taking a few puffs before leaning down and holding the lit cigarette toward the shirt and gas can. When nothing happened, he then threw the cigarette toward the gas can and shirt and ran back to his vehicle, court documents say.

The shirt and gas can did not ignite. Between workers and patrons, there were about 40 to 50 people in the building at the time.

The manager told police he believed Miller was trying to blow up the building, so he took the gas can and brought it inside so Miller could not use it to do so. Investigators confirmed that the gas can was indeed full of gasoline.

Police obtained video of the incident and Miller was arrested.