INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis man already accused in a deadly shooting is now charged with attempted murder in a separate incident.

Evidence from multiple cases tied the suspect to the case, according to investigators with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Jermerrell Hubbard, 20, is accused of shooting a man on Jan. 7, 2023, in the 3400 block of N. Grant Ave. The shooting victim’s mother had been killed in November 2022; the victim said he’d witnessed it and had been threatened and harassed since.

It should be noted that Hubbard’s brother, Lee-Anthony Hubbard, is charged with murder in connection with the November shooting.

The victim reported two separate incidents in which masked individuals were observed at his home, including one from Dec. 16, 2022. In that case, he told police he saw a person with a ski mask and gun. While investigating, police found Jermerrell Hubbard walking in the area and said he fit the description of the man in the ski mask. He got into a BMW SUV that police later pulled over.

Less than a month later, on the afternoon of Jan. 7, the victim was shot in the hand and buttocks. He told police he was moving items from a home into a truck when someone came around the corner and started shooting. The shooter dressed all in black and wore a ski mask, the man said.

The man survived, although he suffered internal injuries that required surgery.

The Jan. 7 shooting may have gone unsolved if not for Jermerrell Hubbard’s other alleged crimes. On Jan. 26, police stopped him in a BMW SUV at Carlton Apartments and arrested him on a weapons charge. He was released from jail the next day on a $150 cash bond.

Then, on Jan. 30, police said Hubbard shot and killed 20-year-old Brian Ward Jr. at the same apartment complex where he’d been stopped and arrested days before.

Different pieces of evidence tied the various crimes together, according to court documents. A police lab found the same gun involved in the Jan. 7 shooting had been recovered from Hubbard on Jan. 26 at Carrolton Apartments.

The BMW SUV also played a key role. An officer found Hubbard inside the vehicle on Dec. 16 while investigating the report of a man in a ski mask. Another officer saw the same vehicle parked outside an abandoned home on Grant Avenue on Jan. 7 after the shooting on that day. On Jan. 26, Hubbard was found inside the same SUV at the apartment complex where he’s accused of later killing a man.

Hubbard had previously reported the vehicle stolen on Jan. 7, according to court documents.

Hubbard has an initial hearing scheduled for April 21 in the Jan. 7 case. The court set a July date for his trial in the Jan. 30 apartment shooting in which he’s charged with murder and robbery.