FISHERS, Ind. – What started as a birthday celebration at the movies ended with a wife shooting her husband on I-69 near Fishers, police say.

The shooting was reported before 3 p.m. Saturday on I-69 northbound near 116th Street. Police arrived to find a woman with a gun standing over a man. Both were next to an SUV that had been parked on the shoulder.

Fishers police arrested 38-year-old Shaalea Davis, who now faces nine charges, including attempted murder, aggravated battery, battery, domestic battery, intimidation, criminal recklessness and pointing a firearm.

While it’s clear a disagreement between the couple led to the shooting, differing accounts from both parties make it difficult to discern exactly what happened.

Investigators said the couple agreed they’d argued, although both had divergent characterizations on how things played out. Court documents said the couple’s 12-year-old son witnessed the shooting.

The family had gone to the AMC Castleton Square 14 to see a movie to celebrate the boy’s birthday. On the way home, however, the couple got into an argument.

Davis said resentment between the couple started the previous night, when she received a message from an “old high school acquaintance” who’d just gotten out of jail and expressed an “intimate interest” in her. Davis said she showed the message to her husband, Curtis Williams III, who was angered by it.

The couple argued via text message that night, although Davis thought the argument was short-lived. She said her husband brought it up during their trip home from the movies.

The couple had been together for eight years, according to court documents, although they’d only been married since April. They have a “blended family of 16 children.”

Williams said he brought up the message from Davis’ high school acquaintance, leading to an argument. Davis, he said, threw a drink at him during the verbal sparring while he was driving on the interstate. She also ripped his shirt off, he told investigators, leading him to pull over to the side of the interstate.

He used his shirt to clean up some of the spill, he said, and then they got out of the SUV. According to his account, he mentioned something about a divorce, which set Davis off. She responded that she was pregnant and threatened to “kill him and his babies” after the divorce comment. Williams made his way back to the driver’s side from the vehicle’s front bumper, heard a boom and felt his arm go numb. He went down on the ground.

He realized he’d been shot at that point, according to court documents. While he was on the ground, Davis shot him a second time, he said, with the second shot hitting his abdomen.

It should be noted that Williams initially told police someone else had shot him when they arrived at the scene. He later conceded he feared his wife would get “in trouble” if he explained what happened.

Williams said she pointed the gun at his head, and he pleaded for his life, saying, “Please don’t kill me.” He assured her he would tell the police that someone else shot him while driving by and promised he wouldn’t divorce her. She eventually lowered her gun, he said.

Williams cried while talking to police, according to court documents, and “denied assaulting her in any way during the incident.”

A medical examination showed Williams suffered a broken arm and had bullet fragments in his abdominal area.

The juvenile told police his parents had been arguing and said he’d fallen asleep in the vehicle and didn’t see the shooting. However, statements from eyewitness appeared to contradict the boy’s testimony.

The juvenile told police his parents rarely argued, a claim backed up by an adult sibling who later arrived at the scene and didn’t see the shooting.

During her interview with police, Davis mentioned the message from her acquaintance and said it clearly upset her husband. She thought the argument was over until he brought it up on the way back from the movies.

He was still angry, she said, and accused her of infidelity in front of their son. She told police she apologized and tried to make the matter something to laugh about—a “laughable moment,” according to court documents.

She claimed, on the way back from the movies, her husband punched her “three or four times” in the stomach. She said he accused her of being pregnant with her acquaintance’s baby and had “a look of manic anger in his eyes.” He then stopped on the interstate and told her to get out.

That contradicted an earlier statement from Davis in which she said she asked her husband to pull over after he punched her in the stomach during an argument.

Davis then said her husband had been abusive in the past and would “hit her several times within a calendar year.” She said she feared being attacked when they got out of the SUV and retrieved her purse and phone. Williams drove off, leaving her and her son at the side of the road. She called 911 at that point, saying her husband had left her and her son stranded at the side of the interstate.

Williams then returned and yelled at her from inside the vehicle before getting out, she said. She claimed he threatened her and continued yelling about infidelity. At one point, she called a friend to discuss what was happening.

In Davis’ account, Williams “aggressively approached her” and threatened to “blow her head off” and the “heads of everyone around her” if she returned home. Although she told police he didn’t charge at her, she shot him because he “gestured in a way to suggest he was going to hit her.”

She cried during the interview, according to court documents, and was upset her son witnessed what happened. She said her son was next to her when she shot her husband, which differed from the juvenile’s account. Witnesses also reported seeing her son next to her while Williams was on the ground.

One witness described Davis as the aggressor and said she had a gun pointed at Williams while she yelled at him. He was cowering on the ground at the time, the witness said.

While Davis claimed Williams had been abusive, there were no records of such cases. He hadn’t been arrested for assaulting her and police said they couldn’t find similar records. She later said during the interview that her husband hadn’t struck her in the past.

“No signs of injury were observed on [Davis’] body that would have been consistent with being struck in the stomach, as she had claimed,” according to court documents.

Investigators believed Davis could have deescalated the situation without shooting her husband, leading them to recommend charges. Davis had an initial hearing Tuesday afternoon.