INDIANAPOLIS — One Indianapolis couple is facing a slew of charges after confessing to a pastor and police that they sexually abused more than a dozen children, newly released court documents show.

Jony Hernandez faces 17 counts, including charges of child molestation and rape, after an investigation by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. His wife, Nereyda Garcia Marroquin faces two counts of child molestation.

The probable cause affidavit filed in the cases against the couple states the investigation began after detectives learned that the couple confessed to their crimes to their pastor. Among the child victims were three members of the church.

The pastor told detectives that the couple reached out to him, wanting to talk. When he spoke with them, the document said they confessed to a variety of sexual abuse acts, which the pastor recorded with their permission.

After hearing the recording, the document said detectives spoke with Marroquin, who told them that she started sexually abusing young children from the time she was a 16 or 17. Her youngest victim was two years old.

When detectives spoke to Hernandez, the document details how they learned of numerous acts of sexual abuse spanning two states and another country.

The document details that Hernandez told detectives he began sexually abusing children when he was 15 years old in Guatemala. When he came to the United States, Hernandez told detectives that he sexually abused children in Boston and Indianapolis.

Hernandez’s victims varied between boys and girls. The document states the youngest child he admitted to abusing was only 18 months old. He repeated the abuse to one of his victims years after the original abuse.

The document states that Hernandez told detectives that when he was raped as a child, it opened a sexual desire in him, which he said he cannot control.

Despite Hernandez and Marroquin confessing their individual acts of sexual abuse, the document states they claim to have been unaware of the other’s actions until they spoke with the pastor.

A jury trial against Hernandez and Marroquin is scheduled for January 9.