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INDIANAPOLIS — A 20-year-old Indy man is accused of having a loaded rifle in his pants at the Colts Canal Playspace while families and children were in attendance watching the fireworks. Three juveniles were also arrested at the scene, each carrying handguns in their waistbands.

According to court documents, police were notified of possible armed individuals in the area of the Colts playground, located near the canal walk, at approximately 10 p.m. on Monday. Police stated at the time of the call the playground was filled with multiple adults and children who had been in attendance for the 10 p.m. fireworks display.

One of the juveniles was detained by an officer who was patroling on his bicycle. During a pat-down of the suspect, the juvenile told the officer he was only 16 years old. A Taurus .45 handgun was found in the juvenile’s waistband. The serial number on the gun matched a reported stolen firearm, according to the documents.

Police and an Indianapolis Park Ranger then detained 20-year-old Tyrese Cole and two other juveniles who had made their way into the Colts Canal Playspace area. A pat-down of Cole revealed a rifle stock in his pants that belonged to a short barrel rifle. Police said the rifle didn’t have the safety on and was set to fire with a “live 300 blackout round in the chamber.”

Police said one of the juveniles had a Taurus .45 in his waistband while the other had a Glock 43 with a live round in the chamber.

According to the court documents, Cole blurted out, “that’s my gun, I gave it to him, they’re all my guns.”

The three juveniles were arrested and preliminarily charged with dangerous possession of a firearm by a minor. Cole faces a charge of dangerous control of a firearm due to providing juveniles with handguns. Official charges will be determined by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

The canal walk and the Colts playground located on its east bank have not been strangers to gun-related violence and crime. Residents who live near the area have said they’ve become accustomed to hearing gunfire near the playground.

In May, a shooting on the downtown canal caused a family playing at the Colts playground to go running for cover, a mother trying to flee with her children struck in the crossfire.

Two years ago, on July 5, 2020, Jessica Doty Whitaker was shot and killed on the canal walk. No arrest has been made in her death.