INDIANAPOLIS — A fight inside a now-closed bar spilled out into the parking lot.

As new court documents indicate, the victim came between two shooters, at the cost of her life.

In the probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Herschel Anderson in the murder of Deja Morse, police said he brought her to the bar, and spoke with her family after the shooting.

The document indicated the fight started after Anderson was playing pool in the bar. His friend exchanged words with another man in the bar, identified in the document as “DD.”

Anderson circled around his friend and “DD”. While doing so, Anderson said something to “DD”. The document said “DD” came toward Anderson. That’s when Anderson punched “DD” in the face, according to court documents.

The document said Anderson would later make a video call to one of Morse’s relatives, telling them a fight broke out and someone said they were going to “air that [expletive] out.” He told the relative that he went out to his car so he and his friend could grab their guns.

Anderson told Morse’s relative that Morse wasn’t with them. Instead, she was at the door trying to get back inside. The document said security footage shows “DD” rushing to the door to open it for Morse while Anderson approaches from the parking lot.

The document states Anderson would later tell the relative that he yanked her jacket twice to tell her not to go in. Someone else was seen on video handing “DD” a handgun just prior to the shooting.

Anderson told the relative that the other person pulled their gun, so he felt like he needed to protect himself and Morse, prompting him to shoot first. The relative asked if he shot Morse, even if was an accident, but he denied it.

The document stated Anderson also made a video call to someone else and told them he grabbed his gun and wrapped his jacket around it. He told them Morse was in behind him and the door before he started shooting.

Police say the person who handed “DD” a gun didn’t shoot Morse; video evidence indicated that “DD” didn’t shoot Morse, as the two were facing each other at the time she was shot, and she was shot in the back, according to court documents.

When police talked to Anderson, the document stated he admitted to being at JD’s Pub the night of the shooting with Morse, but didn’t remember getting into a fight. He denied having a gun, saying he has a felony so he can’t possess one. He told police that there was no reason he would be seen firing a weapon.