LAWRENCE, Ind. — Police say a man rang the doorbell and then immediately stabbed his stepfather to death when he answered.

It happened Saturday morning in the 12500 block of Teacup Way in Lawrence. Officers responded to a 911 call about a family altercation and discovered 74-year-old Bobbie Gene Hill had been stabbed multiple times.

Police found 47-year-old Eric Futrell standing in the driveway with a large knife sitting nearby. He had blood on his hands, police said. Hill was lying on the ground “covered in blood.” Sources said Futrell is Hill’s stepson.

Hill was taken to an area hospital but later died. He suffered wounds to his abdomen, chest, upper right chest and lower right back, according to court documents. The coroner’s office said he died from possible multiple sharp force injuries.

Hill’s wife told police she was upstairs in bed and heard her husband calling for her. Since she has mobility issues, she didn’t immediately respond. She then recalled police coming up the stairs and escorting her downstairs.

Detectives were able to access surveillance footage from the Hills’ security system. A two-minute clip captured around 9:30 a.m. shows Futrell ringing the doorbell. The video then shows Bobbie Hill opening the door and “immediately” getting stabbed by Futrell, police said.

“There is no argument or disturbance prior to the stabbing,” according to court documents. Futrell was inside the residence for about 30 seconds before heading back outside, police said.

A family member identified Futrell as the attacker, and police were granted a search warrant to obtain DNA and blood evidence from him.

Futrell “requested a lawyer and did not speak any further about the incident,” according to court documents. He’s charged with murder, according to online court records.