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INDIANAPOLIS — A Tennessee man faces charges after police said he shot a man during an April robbery.

Court documents show the victim met a woman at the Budget 8 Inn located at East 21st Street and North Shadeland Avenue for sex. The victim said he had $500 on him and paid the woman $100.

Afterward, the document reads, the woman asked him to buy her marijuana. The man believes this is when the woman noticed how much money he had and texted someone. While getting dressed, the man said the woman let another man in the room.

The man told police the man who entered the room pointed a gun at him and demanded money. He gave the man $400 before being told to leave.

While leaving, the victim told police he thought he could take the man, so he grabbed the man’s handgun. While struggling over the gun, the man told police the other man with the gun fired approximately three times. After falling back, the man told police multiple shots were fired at him.

The man was hit a total of seven times. He said at the time, he didn’t feel any of the shots. He ran after the man and woman before collapsing until medics arrived. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Other witnesses told police they saw the shooting. Security footage also captured the shooting, and a man going into the room afterward. Police spoke with the man, who said he saw the shooting and the shooter telling the woman to grab the money before fleeing. He said he went into the room to make sure no one was injured inside.

Using security footage, police were able to get a license plate number from the shooter’s vehicle. The vehicle was registered to Maceo Roberts. The court document states the vehicle was captured on a Flock camera as it was heading to Memphis, Tennessee.

Memphis police were able to find the suspect’s vehicle after a Flock alert and tried to stop it. The document states Roberts led police on a short pursuit until they took him into custody.

The document states the man shot was able to identify Roberts as the shooter. Witnesses also identified Roberts as the shooter.

Roberts had an active warrant for robbery out of New Orleans. He was also charged with attempted murder and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury.