INDIANAPOLIS — A Columbus man faces multiple charges after police say he threatened to commit an act of terrorism after a breakup.

The charges come after Gleaners Food Bank canceled a Community Cupboard distribution in response to a personal threat made to one of its employees. When that threat came in, they evacuated the building and canceled warehouse operations for the day.

A probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Rodrigo Limon detailed how that threat was made to an employee who broke up with him in April. His ex-girlfriend told police that he refuses to accept that decision.

She told police that the threats began after he went through her cellphone messages while she was asleep. On the phone, he found messages between her and a male colleague at Gleaners. The document said he woke her up, saying he was going to kill, slice the man’s throat, stab him, wants to shoot him dead and watch him bleed slowly.

At the time, the document details she told the male colleague about the threats but didn’t make a report, as she was too afraid. While she was working, Limon continued sending messages threatening to kill the man and “shoot up” Gleaners. The document states that between 9/19 and 9/22, Limon sent 100-300 messages, including “I’m going to go inside your job to shoot [male colleague] and the business.”

The day before Gleaners canceled the event, the document details Limon arrived at her house and her visiting parents let him inside. She said she spoke with him in a nearby park, where he continued his threats to kill her male colleague. She ended up running away from Limon toward her parents.

On September 22, the woman told Gleaners management about the business and threats. While she was making this report, the document states Limon sent another message saying “I’m going to come at your lunch time.”

After Gleaners evacuated, the document said a victim’s advocate contacted the woman to see if she needed alternate living accommodations for safety. Right after this call, she called back to say Limon was at the house.

Police arrived and took him into custody. The document states that when they arrested Limon, he was armed with a loaded firearm.

The document said while they were processing him, Limon asked why he was being arrested. When the detective told him about the allegations and the threatening messages to kill the male colleague and shoot up Gleaners, the document said he uttered “I was bluffing.”

Limon was charged with intimidation with a threat to commit terrorism and two counts of intimidation with a threat to commit a forcible felony. The state also sought a motion for a greater than standard bond, claiming Limon poses a risk to the physical safety of another person or the community.

If Limon posts bond, the state requested that he be monitored by GPS. A trial is set for the case for January 25.