CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. — Police investigating a sting operation by an online predator-catching group based in Indianapolis found dozens of child sex abuse material artifacts on a man’s phone, including those with children as young as two, according to court records.

A probable cause affidavit filed in the case against Coby Cox says the arrest comes after a detective responded to a report by someone working with Predator Catchers. The representative said a team was with a man who had admitted to talking to a 14-year-old girl and sent multiple naked photos.

When police arrived, the document said Predator Catchers team members told them the conversation between Cox over Kik. They claim their decoy got to the point of discussing incest, bestiality and having sex with minors. They said Cox sent six child sexual abuse material videos.

The deputy spoke with Cox and asked to hear his side of the story. While the court document does not detail what that side of the story was, after the conversation the detective took a brief look through his phone and didn’t see anything illegal.

However, after dropping him off at home, the document said a deputy with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department took three phones that were inside. They got a search warrant for all of his phones.

On those phones, the document said detectives found 54 artifacts of child sexual abuse material, 5 photos and 49 videos. Of the artifacts, the detective found the six videos that Predator Catchers say he sent their decoy on Kik.

In the artifacts, the document details that police found multiple depictions of adults sexually abusing children. The children in these depictions were as young as two-or-three years old. There were also videos and photos that sexually exploited children.

Coby Cox, 40, was charged in Clinton County Circuit Court on Monday. His charges include 42 counts of possession of child pornography as a Level 5 felony, 11 counts of child pornography possession as a Level 6 felony, and several further counts of child exploitation including four counts as a Level 4 felony.