INDIANAPOLIS — Court documents reveal that two people were attempting to fix a flat tire moments before a deadly shootout took place Saturday night at a near northwest side gas station.

According to previous reports, 23-year-old Darrin Douthit Jr. and 23-year-old Matthew Hamilton were pronounced dead after the shooting at a gas station off Cold Spring Road near Marian University. Officers arrested 21-year-old Damarius Coffy in relation to the incident who was preliminarily charged with felony murder, a charge that his family is questioning.

The affidavit for probable cause reads that officers found the bodies of Douthit and Hamilton when they arrived at the scene around 9:14 p.m. on Saturday. On scene, a woman who had called 911 was detained after she said she had shot one of the men who had been shooting her boyfriend, who the documents identified as Hamilton. Two other men, one of them who was identified as Coffy, were also detained.

Hamilton and the woman, who was unidentified by police, were on their way to work when they stopped for gas, according to the court documents. The woman told police they went inside the store to purchase snacks and returned to their vehicle when they noticed that their vehicle, a Chevrolet Impala, had a flat tire.

A few minutes later, a Dodge Charger pulled up to the station. According to the affidavit, Coffy and another man got out of the vehicle to go into the store while Douthit, who was holding a child and was in the vehicle, remained outside. When Douthit saw Hamilton appeared “to be carrying a gun tucked into his pants,” he gave the child to one of the others in the Charger.

The woman said that as they attempted to fill the tire with air, a man, identified in the documents as Douthit, “charged towards her.” The woman later told police she pushed the Impala door shut to attempt to keep Douthit from entering the vehicle. She claimed that Douthit began to shoot at Hamilton.

In response, the woman fired a gun at Douthit “because she could see the male continuing to shoot Hamilton,” court documents detail.

In an interview with Coffy, the affidavit reads that he was driving a vehicle with Douthit during the incident. The documents claim that Coffy told police that he let Douthit out of the vehicle with a firearm after Douthit said he was going to “come up,” which Coffy said meant that he was “going to take something.”

“Mr. Coffy confirmed that he was aware that Mr. Douthit was going to take something when he stopped to let him out, and Mr. Coffy knew that Mr. Douthit had a firearm with him and was going to attempt to take the firearm. Mr. Coffy also confirmed that he turned around and placed his foot on the break (sic) across the street from the gas station.”

Coffy said that he was in the vehicle and waiting for Douthit before he heard gunshots. The documents also read that he took photos of the woman and her vehicle.