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INDIANAPOLIS — While Indianapolis saw a decrease in homicides in 2022, police continue to push for fewer homicides and violent crimes

In 2022, 226 people lost their lives in a homicide in Indianapolis. This is a decrease of 45 homicides from 2021 when Indianapolis set a new record for homicides.

”Criminal homicides were down about 15% in 2022. That was our goal, 10%, and we met that goal,” said Bailey. “We think that is a good, legitimate area we can sustain.”

The Marion County Coroner’s Office determined the cause of death in the homicides. The cause of death ranged from gunshot wounds to exposure.

Shootings continued to claim the most victims in 2022, with a gunshot listed as the cause of death for 86.7% of homicides. 

In comparison, the next most common cause of death was blunt force trauma at 6%.

Nearly 66% of the homicides remained unsolved as of early January. Of the 226 homicides, police made an arrest in 66. Nine homicides were exceptionally cleared. According to the FBI, clearing an offense by exceptional means requires all of the following conditions to be met:

  • The investigation must have clearly and definitely established the identity of at least one offender;
  • Sufficient probable cause must have been developed to support the arrest, charging, and prosecution of the offender;
  • The exact location of the offender must be known so that an arrest could be made if possible; and
  • There must be a reason outside the control of law enforcement that prevents the arrest.

There were also two homicides that were listed as solved. The IMPD said this means the case has been ruled non-criminal by the prosecutor’s office.

The average length it took the department to clear a case was 23.73 days. The longest it took was 168 days, while the shortest was within hours.

Breaking down the demographics

Of the homicides in 2022, the largest overall group happened in men aged 25-34.

Breaking down the data by race, Black men aged 18-24 made up the largest group. Overall, Black men made up 67.7% of homicide victims in 2022, despite making up only 13.2% of the overall population in Indianapolis.

Where homicides happened

While discussing their 2023 goals, Assistant Chief Bailey said police will increase their attention not only on the people who commit crimes but where they commit them.

”Day after day, year after year, decade after decade, sometimes generational, what about in that location causes it to be an area where violent crime occurs?” said Bailey.

Breaking down our homicide map, the areas where the most homicides happened were located on Indianapolis’ east side. However, zooming in on the map shows the location where homicides happened was more localized.

Reverend Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition said he sees a lot of violent crime coming from a specific area of the city.

”A lot of the violent crimes that we’ve been experiencing in this neighborhood has originated from activity on this corner,” said Rev. Harrison. “A lot of drug trafficking takes place at 29th and MLK and a lot of other criminal activities.”

This intersection is located on Indy’s near northwest side in the Riverside neighborhood. In 2022, this neighborhood experienced six homicides.

According to our map, the near-east-side neighborhood experienced the most homicides in 2022. During the year, 18 homicides happened in this area.

However, the department is focusing on the hotspots of crime, finding small areas where crime is happening the most often. According to our map, there are three areas where homicides were concentrated.

These areas were:

  • 34th Street and Caroline Avenue in the city’s Meadows neighborhood.
  • Brentwood Drive near 42nd and Post in the city’s far-east-side neighborhood
  • Mitthoefer Road and 42nd Street in the city’s far-east-side neighborhood

Looking forward into 2023

In FOX59’s interview, Assistant Chief Bailey said in the months ahead IMPD will meet with residents to ask neighbors what they see as public safety priorities for their communities.

Bailey said the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force will also add two more agencies to its 12-member group, and Allen County is seeking to expand the firearms investigation concept to the South Bend area.

We will continue to monitor violence in the city and what is being done to make the city safer.