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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are working to try to make 2023 a little safer.

In 2022, 226 people lost their lives in a homicide in Indianapolis. This is a decrease of 45 homicides from 2021 when Indianapolis set a new record for homicides. It was a 15 percent decrease in criminal homicides, a pace that the department wants to keep up.

“We want to continue to push homicides and non-fatal shootings down by 10 percent going into 2023,” said Bailey.

To do that, police will continue going after the most dangerous known felons and trigger pullers while paying more attention to the locations around the city where crime often occurs.

The FOX59 Crime Mapping project is continuing to monitor homicides happening in Indianapolis. This year, we are also adding an increased push to help the IMPD get the information they need to make arrests.

On our 2023 Crime Mapping map, we are including information about the detective assigned to the case along with the IMPD and Crime Stoppers phone numbers. We are also including information about when the case was cleared and any suspect information we receive.

As new information comes in, we will take a look at the data and provide the insights we get into homicides in Indianapolis.