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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. – A deputy trustee with Pike Township is behind bars, accused of taking part in a series of burglaries.

Brishon Bond, who worked as a campaign manager in Indianapolis and was an outspoken advocate for criminal justice, is thought to have taken part in nearly three dozen crimes.

Bond, a deputy trustee for community outreach with Pike Township, also served as a mentor for a non-profit crime fighting program.

“Recidivism is real. The vicious cycle of criminal behavior is real,” said Bond in July 2018.

Yet according to an affidavit filed in Madison County, Bond is now suspected of his own cycle of crime, including nearly 36 burglaries in Boone, Hamilton, Marion and Madison counties.

Court records explain that a task force began tracking Bond’s movements using his cell phone and vehicles.

Last week, police say they tracked Bond to a neighborhood near Anderson where the owner of a home reported someone broke in and stole a safe with $15,000 inside.

After the burglary, prosecutors claim they tracked Bond to a dumpster in Indianapolis where items stolen from the home were recovered.

A second suspect, David Gross, is accused of serving as the getaway driver during the Madison County break-in.

Pike Township trustee Annette Johnson offered this statement, “I am saddened to hear of the pending charges against Mr. Bond. I wanted to give a second chance to individuals who are working towards being productive citizens. Unfortunately, I was informed this weekend of criminal activities associated with Mr. Bond. I do not condone Mr. Bond’s behavior.”

Even before the new allegations, Bond did have a criminal history including a conviction for armed robbery. He has now been placed on unpaid leave with Pike Township.

Both Bond and Gross are being held on a $500,000 bond in Madison County. Prosecutors have been given a 72-hour continuance to file formal charges in the case.