BEECH GROVE, Ind. — A father is in jail after his young son was seen waving a gun around outside a Beech Grove apartment.

Shane Osborne, 45, was arrested Saturday for felony neglect of a dependent. Ring doorbell footage shows Osborne’s son outside of his apartment, alone and in only a diaper, playing with a loaded handgun.

The entire arrest and video was broadcasted by “On Patrol: Live,” a reality television show that follows the Beech Grove Police Department.

“He’s playing with what he thinks is a toy, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth,” said Beech Grove Deputy Chief Robert Mercuri.

In the doorbell video, you see the child spinning with the gun in his hand, occasionally pointing it at himself.

“You see the child pull the trigger. You see where the gun is pointed at,” Mercuri said.

Police were called Saturday evening after neighbors saw a child with a gun outside their door at the Beech Meadow apartment complex.

“He pointed it at me and said, ‘Look what I got. Pop pop,'” said one of the neighbors on the “On Patrol: Live” broadcast.

We spoke with one neighbor who said she had seen the child wandering around in just a diaper, alone, an hour and a half before police got there.

“My first thought was I don’t want him to go outside and get hit by a car,” the neighbor said.

It wasn’t until police showed up later that she found out the child had been playing with a gun. She described it as alarming.

“Had he shot through the floor or, like she said, he could have shot through someone’s door. It’s just really scary,” the neighbor said.

Police body cam footage shows the child answer the door when police knock Saturday night. A few moments later, Osborne comes into the living room.

Osborne initially said he doesn’t have a gun in the house, effectively ending the police investigation. But right before police were about to walk out, another neighbor comes forward with the doorbell video.

Police then went back to Osborne’s apartment and let the father know they have video of his son with a gun. After a short search, a semi automatic Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol was found in a desk. On police body cam video, you see the gun found inside a desk that was closed when officers first entered.

Inside the gun was a magazine with 15 rounds in it. Luckily, there was not a round in the chamber.

“We were really close to a horrible tragedy,” Mercuri said. “Had there been one in there, we can only imagine the sadness we would all be talking about now.”

Osborne is seen on “On Patrol: Live” leaving his apartment in handcuffs.

Mercuri said this should be an important message to all parents and gun owners.

“Just use your brain, be thoughtful, be responsible and know that the stakes are ever higher when you have children in the home,” he said.

Beech Grove police said the child is now with his mother and the Department of Child Services is investigating.

Osborne faces charges of dangerous control of a firearm and two counts of neglect.