UNION CITY, Ind. – A 39-year-old man was charged after police said he molested a 7-year-old girl.

Court documents detailed that the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department was notified by the Department of Child Service on Oct. 30 of a possible sexual offense with a minor.

The girl told workers that she was inappropriately touched by a man, later identified as Eric W. Bowers.

In a later interview, the girl stated she was staying at Bower’s home with her other siblings and her father. When her father had left, the girl said she got scared, went into Bower’s room and got in the bed with him.

Investigators said that’s when Bowers began touching the girl’s genitals and asked her “Do you like it?”

The girl told Bowers that she did not like it and that she wanted him to stop.

Later that night, the girl said she woke up to Bowers [performing sexual acts] on her and said that it caused pain when he did it. She said it only happened that night.

On Nov. 3, police said they brought Bowers in for an interview. He confirmed that the girl, her siblings and their father had been staying with them for a few days.

When investigators asked Bowers about the reported sexual contact with him and the girl, police observed Bowers was “shaking and appeared to be very nervous.”

Bowers denied any inappropriate touching between him and the 7-year-old and said “he didn’t think he would do that.” He then requested a polygraph test and a lawyer.

Court records showed Bowers was charged with child molesting, Level 1 felony.

An initial hearing was scheduled for Nov. 9 at 10:30 a.m.