ANDERSON, Ind. – An Anderson man is facing preliminary charges of theft after police say he stole and sold two service dogs worth almost $7,500 apiece from his former employer.

The alleged sale was $10 for each dog.

Court documents go into further detail about the reported theft on Oct. 16, where the owner of K9 Plantation Inc., reported two dogs in training were sold by a former employee.

The company takes rescued dogs and trains them for multiple purposes like assisting law enforcement, disabled people, etc. The employee’s task was to train two of the dogs.

Since the man reportedly lived in Anderson and the company was based out of Indianapolis, he was allowed to take the dogs home to train them regularly.

The company’s owner told police that he was emailed “fraudulent adoption papers” by the former employee stating the dogs were sold for $10 dollars each to another fellow employee. Since the employee was only a trainer, he wasn’t given the authority to sell or give the dogs away.

The owner added that the dogs were also valued at $7,500 each.

The dogs were described as a Labrador border collie mix and the second, a coonhound mix.

The owner told investigators that the Anderson man was keeping the dogs out of spite because he wasn’t allowed to access the company’s financial records.

When police went to speak to the former employee about the situation, he immediately requested a lawyer and shut his door.

According to the probable cause, police were provided with documents that linked the company to the owner that were signed by the Indiana Secretary of State, documentation stating the owner was the sole governing person of the company and correspondence between both former employees involved in the reported “fraudulent adoption.”

Police said after getting in contact with the Anderson man’s attorney, they requested the dogs be returned or charges would be requested.

Two misdemeanors were filed in the case for theft and conversion.

An initial hearing has not been set.