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INDIANAPOLIS — Court documents detail an affair spurred to violence involving “Bob & Tom” comedian Ronald Sexton, better known as Donnie Baker, and a Fountaintown woman.

Previously, Sexton told FOX59 about how he was shot at while driving a rental vehicle in Indianapolis on Dec. 11 after stopping in the city to meet up with someone at a bar. Newly obtained court documents reveal further details into the knotted entanglement of infidelity, including how Sexton told police the man who shot at him was the very husband of the woman he was having an affair with.

According to the court documents, the comedian known for his Donnie Baker persona on “The Bob and Tom Show” told police that after finishing a performance in Portland, Indiana, he contacted his “girlfriend” and asked to meet her at Northside Bar and Grill on Shadeland Avenue. While referring to her as his “girlfriend,” Sexton told police both he and the Fountaintown woman were “currently married to other people.”

After staying at the bar for half an hour, the pair decided to drive separately to a parking garage where she could drop off her vehicle. Police documented that Sexton was staying in a hotel near Northside Bar and Grill as he lives in Florida and was only in town for his show.

Sexton went on to tell police that as he was driving to the parking garage, he noticed a sedan that was traveling behind him suddenly pull up alongside his rental SUV and open fire. Police noted afterward that the Buick Enclave Sexton was driving had been struck by numerous bullets, including having the rear window shot out and having multiple bullet holes in the driver window and windshield.

A detective also noted that Sexton had injuries on his ear and cheek consistent with shattered glass being “blown on his face.”

Court documents detail that Sexton was unable to describe the suspect vehicle in any greater detail than “some kind of sedan.” He did tell officers, however, that he recognized his assailant, claiming he saw an “unobstructed, clear view” of the suspect’s face as he began to shoot at him.

Sexton told police the shooter was Paul Berkemeier of Fountaintown, the husband of the woman he was having an affair with.

Court documents reveal that Sexton told police he had a lengthy history with the Berkemeiers, who had been married for approximately 18 years. Sexton stated he’d even had a protective order in the past against the woman in order to “protect himself against (Paul) Berkemeier”, the documents said.

Police ended up speaking with the wife of Paul Berkemeier, who stated that her husband was aware of the affair. She told police she admitted to her husband that she was driving to Indianapolis to meet up with Sexton after he called her, noticing she had left their home.

According to court documents, the woman told police Berkemeier became upset after she confessed to going to meet Sexton. She claimed he became so upset she had to block his number.

Court documents detail how police ended up linking Berkemeier to the shooting by pinging his cell phone and putting him in the area of the shooting on Shadeland Avenue. Police also were able to obtain surveillance footage that showed a silver sedan following closely to Sexton’s rental SUV after the shooting, outside the parking garage.

Police described the silver sedan as having blue headlights and dark-tinted windows. A later search of Berkemeier’s Fountaintown home revealed he owned a silver Acura with blue headlights and dark-tinted windows.

Police didn’t find any weapons in their search. Berkemeier is not legally allowed to own a gun due to being charged previously with felony theft.

Berkemeier’s wife told police she was unaware of him owning any guns due to these past charges. She also told police she suspected her husband of tracking her via GPS.

Paul Berkemeier faces charges of attempted murder and unlawful carrying of a handgun.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed Berkemeier was arrested on a warrant on Thursday by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department. He is being held in the Marion County Jail with a $200,000 bond.