CLAYTON, Ind. – A Clayton mother and uncle were charged with neglect after police said they found a 10-year-old boy in unhabitable living conditions.

Both 38-year-old Lindsey Lydick and 26-year-old Cole Lydick were reported to be living at the trailer home with the young boy.

The investigators were called to the trailer off West U.S. Highway 40 on Oct. 11 for a welfare check of the juvenile after reports that the entire trailer was “covered in animal urine, feces and other debris.”

Lindsey Lydick booking photo (Hendricks County Jail)

Court documents detailed that police could immediately smell a strong odor of urine at the home when they met Ms. Lydick. They said large amounts of dog feces were seen leading to the front door.

After getting consent to enter the residence and check the 10-year-old’s welfare, police found more animal feces along with clothing, miscellaneous property and hoarding.

The boy appeared to be in good health with no known injuries.

Along with the moldy clothes on the floor, feces and large amounts of clutter, it also appeared the shower hadn’t been used recently.

Police also found old and moldy food in the refrigerator. When it was opened, flies and gnats flew out.

Cole Lydick booking photo (Hendricks County Jail)

After making a report with the Department of Child Services, a case worker was sent to the home to complete their investigation.

DCS workers inspected the home, removed the 10-year-old boy and placed him in the custody of his father in Coatesville.

Court records confirmed Ms. Lydick was the mother of the child, Mr. Lydick was the paternal uncle of the child and both were the only adults staying in the trailer home.

Both were charged with neglect of a dependent where the dependent is placed in a dangerous situation, Level 6 felony.

No initial hearing has been scheduled.