INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is in jail accused of attempted murder for allegedly running over a pedestrian with his car on purpose.

According to court records, the attempted murder began when the suspect honked his horn at the victim at 16th Street and Shadeland Monday night.

Police believe the driver got impatient waiting for the pedestrian to slowly cross the street. That road rage sparked a fight between the two strangers. Police insist Quintel Cook got out of his car and slammed the victim’s head on the pavement.

Booking photo for Quintel Cook

A female passenger, Kayla Staten, also allegedly got out and kicked the victim in the head.

A bystander broke up that fight, but according to the affidavit, Cook got back into his car and began to drive away before telling Staten he couldn’t let it go.

That’s when Cook allegedly turned around and deliberately ran over the victim along 16th Street.

Police wish people would stay calm behind the wheel.

“We want people to stay calm, period. Resolving conflict with a gun or car or anything else that will cause serious injury or death is unacceptable,” said Lt. Shane Foley with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Police used license plate readers to track down the suspect’s car, which still had bits of bone and hair on the outside when police found it.

Cook is accused of attempted murder for using the car as a deadly weapon. Staten has been arrested for battery.

Doctors at Eskenazi said the victim suffered skull fractures and may not survive.

The case is another example of a crime police say they can’t prevent without the public’s help.

“We’ve said it time and time again, but we need people to step in and resolve conflict. This is isn’t a police problem alone. Police aren’t going to solve this. We can’t be everywhere,” said Foley.

Both suspects are due in court for an initial hearing next week.