RICHMOND, Ind. — Phillip Matthew Lee, the man who shot Officer Seara Burton while conducting a traffic stop, is now facing another count on the charge of Attempted Murder.

New information from police leads them to believe that Officer Seara Burton was not the only officer shot at on August 10.

“One officer narrowly missed being shot in the head, the second Officer sustained a life-threatening gunshot wound to her head, and the third officer was shot at from approximately 20-25 feet away,” reads documents from police.

The other officers who were shot at but uninjured are identified as Officer Cody Phillips and Officer Austin Adams.

Officer Phillips told the Affiant that he was the initial officer who stopped Lee on the scooter. He also explained that Lee repeatedly “refused officer commands to remove his hands from his pockets and pants”.

Phillips continued and said that after the K9 sniff of Lee’s scooter, Officer Seara Burton secured her K9 in her vehicle and approached Lee who was standing on the sidewalk with Officer Adams. Lee continued to refuse commands to remove his hands from his pockets until he eventually drew his weapon and shot the officers.

Phillips described and demonstrated how Lee stared at him with what he described as an “evil look”. He said that Lee first fired at Officer Adams, turned to fire and shoot at Officer Burton who was approaching, and lastly turned to run away while pointing and firing his gun at Phillips. Phillips saw Officer Burton falling down as he began to fire his gun at Lee.

Phillips’ police vehicle was also hit by gunfire at the time causing leaking fluid.

When Officer Adams was recollecting the event, his recollections were similar to those of Officer Phillips’. Adams advised Lee placed his hands inside his pockets and inside of his pants. Adams stated both he and Phillips ordered Lee several times to remove his hands from his pockets or he would be put in handcuffs.

Adams stated he noticed Lee’s hands begin to shake as the K9 scooter search progressed. Adams said he drew his Taser shortly before Lee drew his gun and began firing.

The video recording of this incident that was obtained by the Affiant states that Officer Phillips and Adams’ statements appear to be consistent with the portion of the video held as evidence.

Lee now is facing three counts of Attempted Murder, a Level 1 Felony.