MUNCIE, Ind. – A Gaston man was charged after police said he was involved in the overdose death of his “stepsister” in June.

The probable cause affidavit stated Emergency Medical Services responded to a home on June 21 just before 7 a.m. after receiving a call about a woman being unconscious. The victim was pronounced dead on her way to the hospital.

She was identified as Megan Brown.

On Aug. 4, Brown’s sister spoke with detectives about her death. Originally, there was no police report surrounding the incident because Muncie police weren’t called to the home in June.

The sister stated Brown’s death certificate listed “acute fentanyl and cocaine intoxication” as the cause of death.

Court documents detailed that investigators were able to recover text messages from Brown’s phone after the sister gave it over as evidence. Specific messages to Brown’s stepbrother “KJ” identified as 36-year-old Kenneth E. Swift, Jr., were found in the “recently deleted messages.”

Detectives found conversations where Brown contacted Swift in an effort to obtain drugs. On June 20, the day before Brown’s death, she arranged to purchase narcotics and meet up with Swift so they could “party.”

Part of the June 20 text chain:

  • Brown: “…What’s up with the girl on Bennett.” (4:35 p.m.)
  • Swift: “IDK, I can find out. How much u want.” (4:37 p.m.)
  • Brown: “I got 40…gotta watch my money so I can retrieve my mother from FL with me. Don’t need a lot.”
  • Brown calls Swift for one minute (5:01 p.m.)
  • Swift: “I got us lined up. Give me a min and I’ll head your way if that’s cool.” (5:25 p.m.)
  • Brown: “Yep, I’m home.”

Police confirmed, later in the day, Brown sent a $40 Cash App to Swift’s account around 8:15 p.m. Investigators were also able to find other references of the two meeting up to use a syringe and tourniquet to “party.”

The probable cause stated Brown never reached out to anyone else other than Swift to get drugs. Brown’s grandmother told investigators that the family had concerns about her being around Swift because they knew he was “not clean.”

Kenneth E Swift Jr. booking photo (Delaware County Jail)

Police were able to arrest Swift on Thursday at his Gaston home. The man originally denied ever getting any drugs for Brown or any transaction that took place.

Swift later told police that he did buy crack cocaine for him and Brown for about $80. He added that he picked Brown up and took her with him to purchase the drugs.

Officers found multiple boxes of ammunition and a container with an off-white waxy substance that tested positive for THC wax during a search of Swift’s home.

Investigators asked the man if he had any firearms after they found the ammo and Swift told officers that he had a handgun near a drawer under his bed. Due to Swift’s conviction of battery, Level 5 felony, he was unable to own a gun legally as a “violent felon” in Indiana.

The gun was never found but Swift told police that his girlfriend knew where it was.

Swift was preliminarily charged with dealing resulting in death, Level 1 Felony; unlawful possession of a firearm by SVF, Level 4 Felony; possession of marijuana, Class B Misdemeanor.

No court date has been set in the case.