INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Animal Care Services is searching for the owners of a dog they say viciously attacked a 3-year-old boy and his mother at their Indianapolis home last Friday.

Shannon Maple told FOX59 her young grandson was playing in her fenced-in backyard in the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood in the 3200 block of Epler Avenue when the Akita jumped her 4-foot fence and mauled her grandson. Most of the pictures are too graphic to share, but the boy has severe wounds and bruising to his face, back, neck and shoulder. Maple said when her daughter, Jeri Buie, tried to release her son’s face from the dog, the dog latched on to Buie’s arm and broke it. “She has no feeling in some of her fingers and has many bite wounds and bruises.”

Maple told FOX59 she has seen the dog in the neighborhood before, but it was never aggressive. This time was different. “The dog jumped our fence. It had a 4-foot chain linked around its neck. It appeared to have broken away from being chained up somewhere.” 

IACS confirmed the dog was not microchipped and wearing no tags, so IACS is still searching for the owner. IACS said the dog was euthanized due to the severity of the injuries sustained by the victims.

Maple says they have insurance, but it doesn’t cover all of their expenses including home health care or care for her grandson now that he is out of the hospital. “We just want to find the owner of the dog. Someone needs to take responsibility for what happened to my daughter and grandson. They are scarred for life.”