INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man who was arrested after passing out in a Waffle House parking lot was sentenced to over six years in prison, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Monday.

Desmond Breaziel, 33, was ordered to serve 75 months in federal prison for illegal possession of a firearm.

On March 7 of 2022, officers with the Lawrence Police Department responded to a report of two men passed out in a Ford Explorer parked in a Waffle House parking lot.

According to court documents, police arrived to find the driver, Breaziel, unresponsive. Authorities said when Breaziel woke up and exited the vehicle, he appeared confused and disoriented. Officers found a loaded Taurus .38 caliber handgun and approximately 81 pills containing methamphetamine on Breaziel’s person, as well as a fanny pack containing marijuana and a digital scale inside the vehicle, said the D.O.J.

The D.O.J. noted that Breaziel is prohibited from possessing a gun due to his previous felony convictions that include dealing narcotics and a prior conviction for illegally possessing a firearm as a felon. At the time of his latest arrest, Breaziel was still under court supervision following his release from federal prison.

“Illegally armed felons and drug dealers help drive the gun violence plaguing our families and neighbors,” said Zachary A. Myers, an attorney for the Southern District of Indiana.