MUNCIE, Ind. – A man was arrested after he reportedly tried to rob a woman outside her apartment complex and then kicked police officers while they were detaining him.

Geno M. Vargas, 20, flagged down an officer on Nov. 2 around 1 a.m. claiming he needed a ride by police and had just been maced [pepper-sprayed].

Dispatch said around the same time, they had just received a call of an attempted robbery at the Varsity House Apartments. The distance where Vargas was found was less than a block away from the apartment complex.

Officers spoke to the robbery victim and connected her to Vargas after she claimed she pepper-sprayed the man.

Geno Maurice Vargas booking photo (Delaware County Jail)

Court documents explained police then tried to detain Vargas but he attempted to run. Another officer on the scene helped to detain him and EMS was called since Vargas was maced.

Police said after he was checked by EMS, a car full of women came to the scene and were “causing problems.”

An officer then attempted to search Vargas’ person before arresting him. Vargas told police, “Don’t touch me [expletive],” while trying to pull away.

Officers became putting pressure to bring him to their patrol vehicle and in the process, Vargas kicked both officers, one in the back of the leg and the other right above the knee.

Police were able to gain control and place him into their squad car.

In a later interview, the victim stated she was getting back to her apartment from work and saw a group hanging outside near a car where she was parked. She then grabbed her mace so she could walk inside.

She then went to ensure she locked her doors when she said a man, later identified as Vargas touched her saying, “Give me your money.”

When she stated she didn’t have any money, Vargas said, “Then give me your cellphone,” and the woman said, “No, you’re not getting anything.”

Vargas then reportedly threatened to shoot the woman, that’s when the probable cause said she maced the man. The man told the victim that she missed him and continued laughing.

The woman said she walked into her apartment and told her boyfriend, and they waited until police arrived.

Investigators said Vargas stated he didn’t remember what happened other than getting maced as he was walking through the apartment parking lot. He denied robbing anyone.

Police said they didn’t find weapons at the scene.

Vargas is preliminarily charged with robbery, Level 5 felony; two counts of battery on law enforcement and resisting law enforcement, all Level 6 felonies.

No initial hearing has been scheduled in the case.