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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metropolitan police said a shootout at Martin Luther King Jr. Park left behind more than 40 shell casings.

The incident happened around 8 p.m. Tuesday. IMPD said a car drove up to the basketball court, with someone firing at least one round at a group.

Multiple people on the court returned fire, police said, before the car took off.

“More people come out, it’s getting hotter, tempers get shorter,” said Capt. Don Weilhammer with IMPD. “The thing that I would stress is you can’t solve… this is not going to solve anything, by violence with handguns and all that.”

Weilhammer said most of the individuals involved didn’t stay behind to talk to investigators. Police are asking anyone to share information they may have about the shooting. Every detail counts.

“No matter how minor what they saw was, ‘Well, I didn’t get the full plate I just have a number,’ that helps us. It may seem like it doesn’t, but it actually does,” Weilhammer said.

The gunfire damaged a pair of windows at a nearby home, IMPD said.

This marked the latest shooting involving an Indianapolis-area park in the last two weeks.

On May 16, a person was taken to a hospital after being shot at Bertha Ross Park on the near northwest side. On May 19, shots were fired at Thompson Park on the southeast side. No one was injured in that incident. On Monday night, a teenager was injured in a shooting at Riverside Park’s basketball courts.