INDIANAPOLIS — Police in Indianapolis arrested a man early Tuesday morning after he led officers on an overnight pursuit while going the wrong way on the shoulder of the interstate.

The chase started after Marion County deputies tried to arrest 47-year-old Richard Benedict, who was wanted on two felony warrants: possession of methamphetamine and resisting law enforcement. He is also wanted in the state of Washington on felony burglary charges.

Just before 1 a.m., deputies found Benedict asleep in the driver’s seat of a white 2021 Silverado that was running in the driveway of a home in the 3200 block of Thurston Drive, on the city’s west side. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said deputies surrounded the truck and ordered Benedict to exit, but he refused. When deputies attempted to pull him from the truck, Benedict put it in drive and fled, knocking two deputies to the ground in the process, MCSO said.

Benedict then led deputies and IMPD on a chase on the west side of the city and ended up going the wrong way on I-465. The sheriff’s office said the chase took the following route:

  • Westbound on 34th Street 🠗
  • Southbound on High School Road 🠗
  • Westbound on Crawfordsville Road 🠗
  • Southbound in the northbound lanes of I-465 🠗
  • Westbound on Rockville Road 🠗
  • Northbound in the southbound lanes of I-465 🠗

“The truck got on the wrong way going on the interstate, which our protocol is to terminate the pursuit at that point,” said IMPD Nightwatch Commander Kerry Buckner. He continued, “But because the individual did not jump back off the interstate, what we did was we slowed the truck.”

Police said they attempted to stop any traffic ahead of the chase to avoid any crashes.

“He was driving on the interstate on the wrong lane, then he was on the shoulder, then on the berm, then he was driving in the middle of the interstate,” said Buckner.

Right after the Michigan Road overpass, officers deployed stop sticks. That caused the truck to lose a tire and come to a stop. Police said Benedict was then arrested without incident.

Authorities filed additional charges of resisting law enforcement and criminal recklessness against Benedict.

“I can’t tell you why he did it. I don’t know if he’s got a narcotics issue. I’m just really happy that this turned out without anybody getting hurt,” Buckner commented.

Police noted that speeds were between 25 to 60 mph once the pursuit reached the interstate.