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ELWOOD, Ind. — An Elwood police officer was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop Sunday morning.

Indiana State Police detectives say that around 2:00 a.m. Sunday, 24-year-old Elwood Officer Noah Shahnavaz was conducting a traffic stop near the intersection of State Road 37 and County Road 1100N in Madison County.

For a reason unknown, the suspect exited the vehicle and fired multiple rounds, striking Officer Shahnavaz at least once.

Shahnavaz was transported to Ascension St. Vincent Mercy in Elwood and later was flown to an Indianapolis area hospital. He was pronounced dead soon after.

An Elwood city public safety official says Shahnavaz was one of the newer officers on the force. He served the Elwood community for 11 months after serving in the Army for five years before joining the police academy.

The suspect then took off from the scene in their vehicle. He was later taken into custody and faces multiple charges.

The Madison County chief deputy prosecutor identified the suspect as Carl Roy Webb Boards II from Anderson. The 42-year-old will likely be charged with murder, with both the firearm enhancement and the habitual offender enhancement.

Carl Roy Webb Boards II

Prosecutors will considering filing for death penalty once evidence is reviewed.

Boards’ previous offenses, as given by prosecutors, is as follows:

9-2-2015  Possession of a cellular phone (6 months jail)

9-6-2007  Criminal Recklessness (7 years)

9-6-2007  SVF (18 years) (release date 8-16-2019)

9-6-2007  Resisting law enforcement (3 years)

9-6-2007   Possession of a controlled substance (3 years)

9-6-2007   Firearm w/I 1 mile school property w/o license (8 years)

6-20-2006  Driving while suspended. Class A infraction. 

4-27-2006   Poss. Of Firearm by Serious Violent Felon- Habitual Offender

05-04-2005  Indirect Contempt

01-09-2001  Speed

8-8-2001  SVF (10 years)

8-8-2001  Dealing in Cocaine or a Narcotic Drug, B felony

8-15-2001 Theft, receiving stolen property, Grant County

10-14-1999  Battery w/ deadly weapon C felony (2 years)

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