BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – New court documents revealed details of the reported murder of a Bloomington woman in her home.

The documents stated they were called to the home on E. State Road 45 in Monroe County around 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 4 for a suspicious person. A neighbor had called to report a man yelling outside.

When officers arrived, they found 34-year-old Bryce Michael Leighton outside with blood on his hands and his clothes. Leighton was reportedly yelling something about his “baby.”

Deputies on the scene also saw 48-year-old Tara Langley lying on the floor of the garage. She was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police said there was a lot of blood around Langley’s head and a black AR-15-style rifle was laying on the ground.

Bryce Leighton booking photo (Monroe County Jail)

Leighton was then taken in for questioning. During this, officers stated he was “hysterical and hard to understand.”

When asked what happened, Leighton stated he was “having flashbacks” and began sobbing and saying, “My baby, oh God.”

Leighton told police that he was trying to leave the home because Langley had gotten drunk and stated she got mean when she was intoxicated. He added that he and Langley had been dating for the last seven years.

According to the probable cause, Leighton also said that the woman had been more aggressive when she drank alcohol over the last couple of months. Leighton said he was trying to pack his things so he could leave “and she came at me.”

Leighton said he warned Langley to not come near him since she had a taser in her hand but he said she didn’t stop.

Court documents said once Langley turned the stun gun on when it first popped, Leighton said “Everything just went into a blur.”

Leighton admitted the gun was in his hands during this altercation.

Police then took the suspect to the hospital and served a search warrant at the home of the crime scene.

Investigators found drops of blood leading throughout the garage, smeared stains on the door frame, the AR15-style rifle on the floor and a massive amount of blood stains from the floor to the ceiling.

They said there was a single spent shell near the victim’s body and confirmed there was a stun gun lying near her. An autopsy for Langley was scheduled for Nov. 6.

Investigators said the interior of the house was in a “general state of disarray” with broken furniture, appliances and glass throughout.

Leighton was charged with murder.

An initial hearing was scheduled for Nov. 7 at 1 p.m.