Family: 7-year-old girl should be remembered as much more than Indy quadruple murder victim

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INDIANAPOLIS — Amid Elvin Burks’ grief, he does not want the community know his 7-year-old daughter as a victim of gun violence following the tragic quadruple murder on Randolph Street on March 13.

Eve Moore, her maternal grandmother, Tomeeka Brown, cousin Anthony Johnson and uncle Dequan Moore were all killed. Eve’s mother, Jeanettrius Moore, and infant daughter survived the shootings.

Court records show Malik Halfacre, the father of Jeanettrius’s youngest child, confessed to the fatal shooting after an argument with Jeanettrius over stimulus money. Halfacre allegedly admitted after the shooting he took the money, then dropped his 6-month-old daughter off at his sister’s home before he drove to his friend’s house where he was eventually arrested.

But, Elvin and his mother, Eve’s grandmother, do not want the little girl to be remembered for the way she died.

“She was a funny kid,” Elvin said. “Always in good spirits, always happy, always laughing always playing.”

Yolanda Graham, Eve’s paternal grandmother, said none of the people who were killed should be known for this tragedy.

“We do not want to talk about the violence,” Graham said during our interview. “It’s been enough of that. We want to lift her up, we want to lift up everybody involved because there are a lot of people involved, and we just want everybody to remember that they are people.

“They are not just victims, and it’s more to them than just what happened here.”

Eve’s family had a birthday party planned for her on March 14, one day after she was killed. She just turned 7 on March 10.

“She gave me my superpowers when I was weak, always,” Elvin said. “She was my power source. I just remember, she just was a daddy’s girl. She loved me, she was always asking about me all the time.”

Eve loved her 10-year-old brother, Elvin, too. He said they loved to play hide-and-seek and tag together.

“Her relationship with her brother was real strong too,” Eve’s dad said. “They hung out a lot, went to the park a lot.”

In the face of tragedy, the family is banding together.

“There is no mother’s side of the family,” Yolanda said. “There is no father’s side of the family. One family.”

Now, they long for the day total justice will be served to their family. They believe the murders would not have happened had Halfacre not received a plea deal for a 2017 aggravated battery case.

Prosecutors claim Halfacre shot another man multiple times. That victim survived.

A plea agreement later allowed him to plead guilty to a lesser charge of pointing a firearm, which resulted in a jail sentence of just a few months.

Prosecutors would only say witness cooperation complicated that case and resulted in the essential witnesses being excluded by the court. According to police reports, last May Malik was also suspected of shooting the car of his child’s mother. He was never charged with that crime.

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