Family of Indy mother continues push for justice nearly 2 years after her murder

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INDIANAPOLIS — The family of Alexis Edwards, a mother of two, is continuing to push for answers in her shooting death nearly two years later.

It happened in the middle of the afternoon on December 29, 2019, in the 4900 block of Clarkson Drive, near W. 52nd Street and Georgetown Rd.

Edwards died after being shot several times outside her home, while sitting in her car with her 3-year-old son, who was also shot. Edwards’ son survived his injuries.

“They actually walked up to her car and shot her there and my grandson was in the car, and they shot at him too and he was ducking under the seat. At three-years-old he had enough in him, survival instincts,” said Edwards’ mother, Ruby Berry. “Alexis tried to protect him. She tried to drive away, and she ran into the bushes. It’s just sad.”

Edwards had just turned 26-years-old a few days before her death.

“She was a very giving, kind-hearted person. Everyone loved her. Everyone took to her. She had a kind spirit,” said Berry. “Her boys loved her. I mean, they loved her, and she worked and took care of her kids.”

“I’m wearing a lot of shimmer and light because that’s who Alexis was. She comes around you, she was full of sparkle, life, and she was so smart, and intelligent and funny,” said Edwards’ aunt, Sharon Guzman.

Her family said every day, but especially this time of year, brings with it the devastating reminder that she’s no longer here. It’s the second Christmas they will have to face spending without her.

“I used to look forward to Christmas. Christmas is big for me, but around her birthday and when it’s coming up, you get that pain,” said Guzman. “When I look at the calendar, I get that pain because my niece is no longer here.”

Guzman said, “Every day you’re out here wondering, how could this person do this to, you know, a young mother?”

On Tuesday, Edwards would have celebrated her 28th birthday with her boys and family by her side. Her family said, they want to keep her memory alive and continue their push for justice in her name.

They continue to run a Facebook group, “Justice for Alexis Edwards – Unsolved” in hopes of raising awareness for her case and being a support group for anyone else needing it.

“We just try to keep her name alive and also in the public,” said Berry.

Edwards grew up near Merrillville and moved to Indianapolis to raise her two boys.

Berry said, “She wanted them to be good young men and gentlemen, and they are, they’re very kind-hearted young men. I’m very blessed to have them, because when I look at them I see my daughter, but I also have pain. I know they’re in pain because they miss their mother.”

“She was such a good person and for someone to do something like that to her and destroy her boys like that. It’s hurtful. It’s hard to talk about but I know I have to do this to bring awareness to the case and you know, we need justice for her,” said Berry.

Berry said not only is their push for justice for Edwards, but also for her son that was injured in the shooting.

“My grandson was also shot, and he had to watch his mother die as well and that’s horrible for any child, so he deserves justice as well,” said Berry.

There have not been any arrests made in her case, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed.

“Her boys, they’re nervous as well, and they live every day thinking all people are capable of doing this. It’s hard and I feel that once we get justice her boys can feel safer at night, and we can get some type of closure and try to heal,” said Berry. 

Although the family said it won’t give them complete closure, they hope answers in her death could be a step towards healing that they said is long overdue.

“She’s not here anymore. We can’t bring her back, but at least we can have some closure so we can begin to heal and move forward,” said Berry. 

Berry said she knows people out there have information on the case and it’s time for them to do the right thing and come forward. 

“If you know something, please come forward. Do the right thing for her boys and for her. She didn’t deserve what they did to her. Her sons didn’t deserve to have to go through holidays and Christmases and graduations without their mother,” said Berry. 

“Give the family closure at Christmas. It’ll never take the hurt away that Alexis is no longer with us. That’s not going anywhere, but at least we could say, amen. This person or these people can’t hurt anyone else,” said Guzman. “If someone’s willing to take a life in front of a child, in broad daylight, in front of anyone, these are the kind of people that need to be locked up and behind bars.”

Anyone with information on Edwards’ case is asked to call Detective Daniel Smith at the IMPD Homicide Office at  (317) 327-3749.

You can also call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, where you can remain anonymous, at (317) 262-8477 (TIPS).

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