INDIANAPOLIS — The deaths of an Indianapolis father and his three kids have been ruled an accident by the Marion County Coroner.

Kyle Moorman and his children, Kyle II, Kyannah and Kyran, were found dead in a southside retention pond on July 12.

Kyle’s family said he was dedicated to his kids.

”Kyle was an awesome dad and he loved them babies,” said Teddy Green, Kyle’s step dad.

Wednesday, the Marion County Coroner said all four of their deaths were accidental, caused by drowning. Kyle also had acute ethanol intoxication.

A local doctor said acute ethanol intoxication is alcohol poisoning where the level of alcohol in the body prevents the body from functioning normally.

”You just can’t seem to do the things you would normally be able to do to take care of yourself,” Tyler Stepsis, Eskenazi Health Chief of Emergency Medicine.

Kyle’s biological mom Natasha Hayes and step dad Teddy Green said Kyle was a loving father and they can’t believe this. 

”He would never put them in danger… he would never be intoxicated to where he could not take care of his kids,” Hayes said.

Green and Hayes want to know how much alcohol was in his system and when everyone died.

”They have given us no determination, no information on who died first,” Hayes said.

Marion County Coroner Alfie Ballew said there is no way of knowing who died first.

Kyle was last seen alive leaving his mother’s house late on July 6 to take the three kids fishing. The family said this is not unusual for Kyle and they did not see him drinking before he left. 

The family said they found Kyle’s body themselves in the retention pond on the corner of Troy and Bluff six days later.

”His entire body bloated and black, black,” Kyle’s sister, Mariah Moorman said. “You couldn’t even see his tattoos.”

After Kyle was found a dive team was called in and Kyle’s black Saab was pulled out of the water with the three kids inside.

The family said they’re still frustrated with how IMPD handled the investigation. They found a bottle belonging to Kyran on the land along the pond two days before Kyle’s body was found and asked IMPD to send in divers. Divers were not called until Kyle’s body was found on July 12.

”I don’t feel they’ve done their job right from day one,” Hayes said.

In a statement, IMPD said there are no updates into the investigation into what happened to Kyle and his kids.

The family said they want people to know Kyle was a good dad and that’s why they think something about the situation doesn’t add up.

”He would not put himself or his children in any position for harm, Kyle was the best dad,” Hayes said.

The entrance to the pond where Kyle and his kids were found is now blocked by cement barriers. The gate to the ramp where the car was pulled out of the water is also locked.