LAWRENCE, Ind. — You can still see tire tracks and bits of debris more than a week after Carlos Trotter crashed a car before being fatally shot by a Lawrence police officer.

It happened in the 3100 block of North Shadeland Avenue and has left Carlos’s family in despair with a lot of questions.

”That boy did anything for you, he would do anything for you, I promise he would,” Shirley Trotter said through tears. “You ask him to do something, he’d do it. Now he can’t do nothing.”

Shirley is Carlos’s mother. She said he had been living with her for the past year trying to get back on his feet.

”He was trying do better, sure was,” Shirley said. “He was at home trying to find a job.”

That was until Carlos was shot and killed Thursday, Oct. 27 by a Lawrence police officer. Since then, Shirley has struggled with the idea he’s really gone.

”I used to hear the truck start up on the side of the house. I used to hear the truck start up or him closing the door” Shirley said. “My mind is playing tricks on me saying my son is out there.”

A day after the shooting, the Lawrence Police Department released the only information they have so far, saying Carlos was in a stolen car, did not pull over for police, crashed the car and then had a weapon leading to an officer shooting him once.

Jenika Trotter, Carlos’s sister, said it does not make sense. She said she never knew her brother to have any weapons.

Jenika said Lawrence police came by Monday to explain what happened, but the Trotters are focused on one thing.

”I really just want to see the body cam,” Jenika said.

Jenika said LPD has not said when the family will be able to see the body camera footage of Carlos’s final moments. The Trotter family has hired an attorney to help them in this process.

In video sent to us from a viewer, you can hear officers yell, “Get out of the car,” and “Stop reaching,” right before a single gunshot is fired.

Just minutes before this happened, Sidney Warner and Nathaniel Ford were in the car with Carlos. He was giving them a ride to the BMV so Ford could get a new ID. Warner said they did not know the car was stolen or why Carlos did not pull over for police. When the chase started, Warner and Ford asked to be let out of the car.

”We were screaming let us out, and we jumped out at Mike’s Express Car Wash, and then after we jumped out he kept driving off,” Warner said.

Warner and Ford said they did not see any weapons in the car.

”I know Carlos, and I know he didn’t have any weapon,” Warner said.

We spoke to Lawrence Police Chief Gary Woodruff Friday morning. He would not say what weapon police claimed Carlos had, which officer shot him or when the body camera video would be available, citing an ongoing investigation.

But Shirley wants answers.

”I pray every day. I’m sleeping restless at night,” Shirley said.

Carlos’ funeral is Sunday. A public viewing will be head at Crown Hill Funeral Home from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. A public service will begin at 3 p.m.